Giant Rabbits


Giant rabbits come in many sizes that are larger than your average bunny.


Giant rabbits can range in size from 3-4 kg to 8kg.  Although they make great pets they need to be looked after differently from your normal pet bunny as giant rabbits can not be homed in a hutch like a smaller rabbit and they have a different diet.  Here are a few pictures of what some giant rabbits look like and their size:

giant rabbits  giant rabbits giant rabbits

giant rabbits


Generally giant rabbits are better off as indoor pets.  They can not fit in a hutch as they have no space to move and cannot fit up the stairs to another level as well as smalled rabbits.  If you are going to get one I would suggest they have a room of your house which is rabbit proof.  By rabbit proof I mean a room where there are no wires or anything that they could eat that may be of harm to their digestive system.  A large bed for the rabbit to sleep in the room will give them comfort when they want to relax.  If you do want one you can house outdoor then you will have to get a custom made hutch and have a garden large enough you can put one in as to accomodate its needs it would have to be pretty big.  Again like with smaller rabbits a large shed or wendy house in the garden might be a better idea if you want a giant rabbit outside.


Having a healthy diet from the start is vital for any rabbit but especially for giant rabbits as if they become over weight their joints and mobility are more like to suffer as this is a common problem with the larger rabbits anyways.  It will also put more pressure on their hearts too.  Their diet food wise should be the same as a smaller bunny in the sense of plenty of hay/straw/grass with the occasional vegetable treat and a complete pellet food should be given to provide a full balanced diet but only in small quantities.  Like I sa hay/straw/grass should make up he most of any rabbits diet.  They could also do with a vitamin supplement to help with their joints. 


Giant rabbits, like their smaller friends, like companionship and are less likely to become lonely if they have a friend.  They can be homed with smaller rabbits but care needs to be taken with intorduction as if they fight to start with the smaller friend will end up a lot worse off! Giant rabbits still need to be neutered as well or else babies will happen.


Giant rabbits can be much more expensive then smaller rabbits especially if you are getting custom made hutches.  They will need more hay and a larger way of trasporting them to the vets etc.  They also have their yearly jabs and this can see costs soon mount up so it is best to make sure you can financialy look after one before buying one.  They also need daily grooming as their larger size makes it harder for them to groom themselves and in general need a lot more attention paid to them.  So make sure you have the time for one as well.  They can make great friends though and especially if kept as a house rabbit in their own room you can have lots of fun times with them with toys.  If handled from a young age they do not mind being picked up unlike a lot of smaller rabbits who tend to not like being picked up even if handled from a small age.