Rabbit Hutch Designs

Remember when buying a rabbit hutch always check the size. Some are smaller then they look in the picture and you want to make sure your rabbit will fit comfortably. I always need an extremely large hutch and run as my two rabbits are quite large.

There are many different types of rabbit hutch designs. Here are a few:


On my how to care for a rabbit page I have explained about where the best place to have your hutch is as well as having a cover to protect against snow and rain and being secure so other animals cannot get in and harm your bunny.  If you purchase a second hand hutch it should be cleaned efficiently by scrubbing it down with animal cleaner disinfectant which can be purchased at any local pet shop.  The floor should not be wire either as this makes it extremely difficult for them to walk on.  Here are some of the rabbit hutch designs I suggest:

Rabit hutch

Pawhut 91" Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch / Chicken Coop w/ Large Outdoor Run

It has a large inside compartment that will give your rabbits a place to get out of the horrible weather or sleep as well as having enough space to run from one end straight through to the other end to stretch their legs. I love this rabbit hutch design.

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rabbit hutch designsRabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

Once again this has the inside compartment and outdoor run for your rabbit to stretch his/her legs.  It has also got a tray you slide out from underneath the inside bit which makes it easier to clean.

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rabbit hutch designsRabbit Hutch with Attic (XL)

This two tier rabbit hutch designs gives them a running around area underneath and sleeping compartment up the top.  Shelters them from weather a bit more as the run is directly underneath the hutch but would still need added protection with a cover just like the others.

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HutchDeluxe Large Chicken Poultry Coop Hen house Hutch Cage 0311L

Chicken coops can also be used as rabbit hutch designs as they tend to be quite big as they are supposed to house many chickens.  This one has an inside compartments with a sleeping compartment on the side and a run attached for your rabbits to run around in.

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As with all hutches they will need covers for the winter months.  This allows your rabbit to be protected from the weather as well as keep the hutch in better condition as rain or snow can make the wood of the hutch worse so it may not last as long.